Dare to be different on your special day!

Dare to be different on your special day!

We all know how stressful big events tend to be. And they really don't have to. So we are here to make it a bit easier for you and make choosing your wedding dress a fun and pleasant experience. 

The first step is making an appointment for the initial talk and the taking of your measurements. At this point we talk about what style you like (we just know you have a Pinterest board full of ideas), what suits your body type and choose the suitable fabrics for your design. Following this appointment we send you a price for your order and wait for your written confirmation.

This first appointment where we establish the details and take the measurements is free, so you have no obligations should you not wish to accept the quote we sent you. However, if you do, an advance must be paid in order for us to order the fabric and get started on your order. 

The next step is scheduling your fitting and from here on all you have to do is sit back and relax. For the actual fitting we ask you to bring the shoes you are going to wear so we can better establish the length of your dress, skirt or trousers.

Depending on the complexity of the dress, one or two fittings are required before we can complete your order. You can also opt to have the fittings closer to the event, or as soon as possible after the first appointment if you want to have everything in order with more time to spare. Regarding of your choice, we promise that your dress will be ready for the time we set together either at the beginning or at one of the fittings.

Small adjustments regarding measurements are made for free during the fittings, however bigger changes will require extra costs (for example if you plan to either gain or lose weight that would affect your body a few sizes, then it is better to take your measurements closer to the actual event than basically remaking the whole outfit). Also, changes to the design can be made, where possible, but these too will require extra costs (this implies bigger changes, not something like adding a couple extra flowers to the embroidery).

Next step is to have the absolute best time at your event and take lots of photos! You can even post them and tag us #ChicbyValiCioban, or simply send them to us, we absolutely love to see the outfit spring to life.

For any extra info you can reach us on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp at 0040 758 117 939. 

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